Wednesday, November 22 - Thursday, November 23 - Friday, November 24
for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Alumni News

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Class Contacts

NEHS Class of 1961 
Marlene Cohen Shuchat -

NEHS Class of 1962
Jim Goodfellow

NEHS Class of 1966
Contact John Baker at 937.964.0161
or Linda Kadel at 937.206.8633

NEHS Class of 1967
Rusanne Grubb White 937-399-1963
Jack Kibby 937-399-6813
Barbara Harris Faust 937-322-0310
NEHS Class of 1972
Rob Pennington is working to get in touch with former classmates from 1972.   Please contact him at
NEHS Class of 2002:
Please contact them at or search Facebook for the page "NEHS 2002 Class Reunion."