Climate (Anti-HIB) Task Force

Northeastern Local School District Climate (Anti-HIB) Task Force

Vision and Mission of NELSD Climate Task Force:

The Task Force holds a shared vision with Northeastern Local core values including:

  • Respect: to show consideration for self, others and property
  • Responsibility: to carry out obligations in a dependable manner; to acknowledge the consequences and rewards of one's choices; to contribute to society.
  • Appreciation of Diversity: to recognize and honor the dignity of each individual; to celebrate differences among culture, gender, ability; to work cooperatively with others and to resolve conflicts.
  • Integrity: to display honesty, perseverance, confidence and pride, trustworthiness, and the courage of one's convictions.
  • Compassion: to show empathy, generosity, kindness, patience and sensitivity.
  • The Task Force mission is to keep all students safe.
Charge of the Task Force:
  • Bring forth concerns of students and parents related to harassment incidents and the district's overall climate
  • Recommend strategies to prevent harassment and improve the educational climate
  • Outreach strategies to parents and families to build awareness around, address concerns related to, and gain feedback regarding the district's anti-harassment efforts.

2014-15 NELSD Climate Task Force Members

Parents - TBA

Staff - TBA

Students - TBA