Gifted Services

Northeastern Local Schools Gifted Services

Students are identified as Gifted through the use of state-approved assessments. As outlined in House Bill 282, Ohio Revised Code 3301-51-15, the state of Ohio mandates that school districts identify students in four areas: superior cognitive ability, specific academic ability, creative thinking ability and the visual and performing arts. While there is a mandate to identify, districts are not required to provide services.
Gifted Identification Areas and Requirements
Superior Cognitive – Superior cognitive ability is general intellectual ability that is consistently superior to same age peers. The district uses a score of 130 or higher on a state approved, standardized ability test.  All students in second and fifth grade are screened for Superior Cognitive Abilities with the CogAT test.
Specific Academic – Specific academic identification refers to a child's aptitude in a specific subject area that is consistently superior to the aptitudes of same age peers. Specific academic areas include reading, math, science and social studies.  All students in first and fourth grades are screened for gifted identification in Reading and Math with the IOWA test.  Students referred in Science or Social Studies will be screened using an approved test.  A student who achieves at the 95th national percentile or higher in any of these areas will be identified as gifted in those specific areas.
Creative Thinking – Creative thinking ability includes consistent divergent thinking that results in unconventional responses to conventional tasks.  Identification in this area is two prong:, the district uses a  score from a state approved ability test and a Checklist of Creative Behaviors to identify a child as gifted in the category of creative thinking.  All students in second and fifth grade are screened for Creative Thinking Abilities with the CogAT test.
Visual and Performing Arts – Students who demonstrate consistent outstanding aesthetic production in visual art, music, theater or dance can be identified as gifted in the arts. The arts identification categories are visual art, vocal music, instrumental music, theater, and dance. This identification is also two prong:  a behavioral checklist for the appropriate area is completed and scored and a performance assessment is also scored.  The district provides a screening/identification process in the spring in visual arts and music based on referrals.  All others are also on referral basis.
Identification Notification
The Ohio Department of Education (O.D.E.) requires districts to notify parents if their child has been identified as gifted. When a child is identified for the first time or in a new area, a letter will be sent home.
Written Education Plans
Students who receive gifted services require a Written Education Plan (WEP). The purpose of a WEP is to communicate among gifted specialists, classroom teachers and parents about the gifted service a child is receiving. The service should match the child’s area(s) of identification.
Gifted Services at Northeastern
Superior Cognitive Resource Room—open to all identified 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade Superior Cognitive students 
The purpose of the gifted services is to challenge the students to develop their ability by taking into consideration individual learning styles and special abilities.  The service provides guidance and coursework that encourages independent study, research, creative thinking, higher level thinking skills, critical thinking, broad-based themes or problems that are abstract, methods of inquiry, affective and social skills, and aesthetic or creative skills to name a few.  This aids the student in developing a life-long learning process.  
Referrals and Screening of Students
Northeastern provides opportunities for screening/assessment per state requirements at least two times per year:
1.   Whole-grade screening in Reading and Math will take place in first and fourth grade with the IOWA tests. Whole-grade screening for Superior Cognitive and Creative Thinking Abilities will take place in second and fifth grade with the CogAT test.  All Northeastern students will be screened in these four areas once during their K-2 years and again during their 3-6 years.
2.  There will be an open referral period for Superior Cognitive Ability from September 18th-22nd.  An additional open window of referrals for the other areas will take place from October 23rd-27th. Referrals will be accepted during these open window times. To refer a student, a gifted referral form and a gifted permission to test form must be completed and returned to the Gifted Coordinator. (Both forms are available on this webpage at the links to the side or from the Gifted Coordinator--contact information is on this page). Testing will follow each window of referral period and will be completed as quickly as possible based on the number of referrals received. 
Additional open referrals takes place in the spring, beginning in April. 

Gifted Staff Members

Mrs. Lennie Linson
Gifted Coordinator
Mrs. Megan Black-Striley
Gifted Intervention Specialist