Supply List

Fall Supply List

All students should bring in a ream of copy paper (given to math teachers) and a box of tissues (given to English teachers).  


      Art I, II, III, IV  Supply List
            1 - pack of wooden #2 pencils
            1 - pink pearl or white vinyl eraser
            2 - ultra fine tip black sharpie marker
            1 - kitchen sized trash bag
            2 - 1 gallon ziplock bags
            1 - small plastic container with a lid

      Optional supplies
            a set of paint brushes
            a pack of colored pencils


Career Based Education

Mr. Joel Marratta (ext. 1216)

Science 1/CBIP Science: - Folder or Binder, paper, writing utensil, optional supplies: metric ruler, colored pencils, calculator 


Mrs. Elizabeth Crawford (ext. 1233)

Adv. English 11: - Writing utensil, folder, personal set of headphones, loose leaf paper, 1 ream copy paper, optional internet ready mobile device (note: has several classroom novels); Creative Writing: Composition book, pen or pencil, optional internet ready mobile device; Mystery/SciFi/Fantasy: Personal set of headphones, optional internet ready mobile device, notebook paper, writing utensil (note: SciFi/Fantasy class has 2-3 classroom novels)

Mrs. Kimberlie Reynolds (ext. 1251)

English 12, Advanced English 12: - college ruled paper, pencil, black pen, folder, binder, highlighter, USB drive

Mrs. Heather Shaffer (ext. 1254)

English 9: - Folder with pockets, pencils, blue pens, paper; Advanced English 9: Binder w/ 5 dividers, pencils, blue pens, paper
Mrs. Jennifer Whip (ext.1238)
a folder or binder
pens (blue or black ink) and pencils
loose leaf paper for daily assignments
The Five People You Meet in Heaven (Advanced 9 ONLY)
Completed summer reading assignment (Advanced 9 ONLY)
Mr. Nettleton (ext. 1260)

Family & Consumer Science

Mrs. Dana Moore (ext. 1246) 

Foods: - Binder or folder, Family: Notebook

CBPF: - binder, flash drive; FID I,II,III straight pins, fabric shears, graph paper, CD binder

Foreign Language

Ms. Megan Beal (ext. 1240)

Spanish:  - Spanish/English dictionary, 5 blue pens, 2 black pens, 3 ring binder with dividers 
Mrs. Viangie Gibson (ext. 1230)

Composition notebook (mandatory)
1 color dry erase marker to leave in classroom
Binder or folder for this class only
Loose paper
English-Spanish dictionary (optional)
Headphones are mandatory
Bring one item by last name for a homework pass
A-D: paper plates
E-H: forks
I-K: Spoons
L-M: Tissues
N-P: Box of pencils
Q-S: Cups
T-U: paper plates
V-Z: Wet wipes
Mr. James Noyes (ext. 1248)

French 1-4: - 1 single subject notebook, 1 binder with divisions.

Instructional Media Center

Mrs. Carlye Stewart (ext. 1316)

Intervention Specialist

Mr. Les Dobyns (ext. 1236)
Integrated English 1: - Pencils, paper, 3 ring binder; Integrated English 2&3, Pencil, Paper, 3 ring binder, dividers
Ms. Leah Ann McCurdy (ext. 1241)
7 Habits for Success: - Writing utensil, 1 subject notebook, 1 folder. Note that folder & notebook should be only used for this class.
Ms. Jessica Blazer (ext.1264)
Pencils, paper, 3 ring binder, dividers


Mrs. Leslie Niggemeyer (ext. 1247)

Calculus: - 1 ream of copy paper, 2 (or more) pack of white board markers, notebook paper, pencils, 3 ring binder (1.5" or larger); Pre-Calculus: 1 ream copy paper, 1 pack baby wipes, notebook paper, pencils, 3 ring binder (1.5" or larger), TI-83 Plus or TI-84 (any version) Graphing Calculator

Mrs. Jessica Ridder (ext. 1252)

Adv. Geometry: - Binder with dividers, compass, protractor, notebook, scientific calculator, notebook paper, 2 dry erase markers; Intro to College Alegbra: binder, notebook, notebook paper, pencils, 2 dry erase markers

Intro to College Algebra: - notebook paper, binder, pencils, lysol / chlorine wipes 

Mr. Tim Thomas (ext. 1262)

Algebra 1 & Math 1: - Binder, pencils, paper, basic calculator, 1 ream of paper

Mrs. Michelle Thompson (ext. 1263)

Algebra 2: - Binder with dividers, loose leaf paper, pencils, scientific calculator (the TI-30X IIS is preferred), ream of pape

Advanced Algebra 2: - Binder with dividers, loose leaf paper, pencils, scientific calculator (the TI-30X IIS is preferred), ream of paper

CCP College Algebra: 2 spiral notebooks, folder, scientific calculator (the TI-30X IIS is preferred)NO GRAPHING CALCULATORS, loose leaf paper, pencils, ream of paper

Mrs. Tricia Smith (ext 1225)

Geometry: binder, loose leaf paper, graph paper, ream of copy paper, pencils, calculator, tissues
College Algebra: notebook, graph paper, ream of copy paper, folder, pencils, calculator, tissues
Statistics: tissues, notebook, graph paper, ream of copy paper, folder, pencils, calculator (graphing calculator preferred but optional) 


Miss Alyssa Berger (ext. 1452)

Mrs. Valerie Buckley (ext. 1230)

Mr. James Templeton (ext. 1223)

Physical Education

Mr. Zerkle (ext. 1243) 

Mr. Aaron Shaffer (ext. 1253)

Health: Composition noteboo


Mr. Tyler Christello (ext. 1231)

Golbal Science & Environmental Science: Writing Utensil and Paper 

Mrs. Elizabeth Hypes (ext. 1239)

Chemistry 1 & 2, Science 3:Pen or pencil, binder w/dividers, calculator

Mrs. Jillian Rifner (ext. 1234)

      Science 2018
            1 - 2” binder
            6 - dividers
            1 - pack of lined binder paper
            1 - pack of colored pencils (Anatomy)

Physics: - Binder, notebook paper, 70 sheet spiral notebook, pencil/pen, graphing paper, 1 package of 4X6 notecards, Graphing Calculator (If you are purchasing new: preferably TI-84 and above, for program purposes; TI-83 will work for calculations, do not buy new if you have one already!), 

Ashley Vannatta (ext. 1249)
Biology: Writing Utensil and Paper

Mr. Kress (ext. ????)

            Physical Science


            Adv Biology 

Social Studies

Mr. Daniels (ext. 1233)

            one subject notebooks, pocket folder, pen or pencil

Mr. McCurdy (ext. 1232) 

one subject notebooks, pocket folder, pen or pencil

Mrs. Gretchen Williams (ext. 1222)

three ring binder, highlighters, notebook paper, pens and pencils

Mr. Mike Sherrock (ext. 1257)

Psychology, Geography, Honors Social Studies 1: Binder, paper, pen or pencil

Mrs. Beth Smith (ext. 1258)

Honors Social Studies 2: 1" binder, 8-10 dividers, college-ruled notebook paper, 1-subject spiral bound notebook; colored pencils/art supplies available at home; Sociology/Cultural Studies--Nothing other than basic supplies