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NELSD Food Service

     Beginning August 17, 2016, NELSD's food service staff will accept deposits into student meal accounts.  You may also deposit money at any time into student meal accounts via the on-line system EZpay.  You can access the new on-line payment website by going to our district website click on OUR STUDENTS, click on SPS EZpay to be transferred over to the payment site.  Complete the registration page, and add your child's names(s) and ID numbers.  Once you have registered and created a password you will not need the student ID number again.  Please be sure to allow SPS EZPay into your email otherwise it will be considered spam, and will go into your junk email.

     Questions may be directed to 1-866-MyEZpay (866-693-9729) or email at [email protected]  There is a $2.50 convenience fee charge to use the system.  Payments made on-line will be credited by the end of the next business day.
     Our lunch charge policy permits students to charge up to three lunches.  Repayment is expected the next day.  No breakfast charging will be permitted.
     Due to time constraints, change will no longer be given at the time of the sale.  It will be added to the student's account to be used for future purchases.  This will help each student get through the line faster.  Please plan accordingly when determining if you will send cash, make a deposit, or submit an on-line transaction for you student.
     Should your child's account get into the negative, our food management system will generate reminder email to you (if we have your email on record) asking that you replenish funds.
     If you have questions, please call Teri Parks, SNS Food Service Coordinator at 937-325-7615.


Northeastern Local Food Service is committed to serving nutritious meals to the students of this district in strict adherence to the regulations set forth by the State of Ohio and the USDA.  The Northeastern Board of Education requires food service to be self-supporting.  Federal regulations require any school participation in the National School Lunch Program to operate as a non-profit organization.  Within these constraints, it is imperative that revenues meet cost.  For this reason, lunch charge activity must be regulated.  In order to encourage greater parent and child responsibility while controlling lunch charge debts, the following practice shall be implemented.
  1. No child may accumulate more than three (3) lunch charges at a time.
  2. Lunch will be denied after the third charge.
  3. Payment shall be made the next school day after charge was incurred.
  4. Grade cards will be withheld until the charges are paid.
  5. Charges notices will be sent home with the child and/or by mail.