NELSD Working to Address Roofing Issues

NELSD is working with our roofing vendors to address recent leaks at our schools. Many parents and community members have seen videos and photos shared on social media of the water issues we've been experiencing. We are concerned about the effects of these water issues, just like you.
Temporary solutions are in place, but that isn't enough for us and we are working to get more permanent repairs made as quickly as possible. The challenge right now is that the roofs must be dry for the roofing company to be able to make repairs. Because of the recent rain, we haven't had the required conditions to be able to make those repairs.
We are working with our roofing company to make initial repairs as soon as the weather is dry enough and to schedule major repairs for spring break, weather and availability of the roofing company permitting.
Repairing leaking roofs has been a priority for NELSD since Dr. Kronour arrived. In 2016, we invested $500,000 to make necessary repairs to address leaks. We're still committed to making the repairs necessary for our students to have dry schools to learn in each day and we are working to address these issues as soon as possible.
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