NELSD Invests in Necessary Building Repairs

Since the summer of 2015, Northeastern Local Schools has invested more than $500,000 in building and maintenance repairs to ensure facilities meet minimum standards for learning environments for students.
“Like any aging building, our schools have a variety of maintenance and upkeep needs as each year goes by, especially expensive roofing repairs,” said Superintendent John Kronour. “’Warm, safe and dry’ is the minimum expectation of any building that will house students each day, and just keeping our buildings up to that standard is an increasingly expensive endeavor.”
Of the $500,000 invested in the buildings over the last two years, more than $385,000 was spent on roofing repairs and replacements. That includes three major roofing projects to address ongoing leaks and other issues:
  • $85K roofing project at Northeastern High School in June 2015
  • $180K roofing repair at Northridge School in June 2016
  • $110K roofing repair at South Vienna School in June 2016
Additional spending paid for concrete repairs and maintenance, security, and repairing or replacing school equipment. 
“We are committed to providing safe and healthy learning environments for the children of our community, and that’s why we’ve made these required and necessary repairs,” said Superintendent John Kronour. “We also want to make sure that we are wisely protecting the taxpayers’ investment in strong public schools in our community, and as we move forward, our buildings will incur more expenses and become increasingly expensive and time-consuming to repair.”
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