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7  October 2018  South Vienna Elementary

Hello South Vienna families! We are pleased to release the October issue of The Family Connection , South Vienna’s first monthly newsletter with helpful hints, hacks, and tricks for families with elementary age students at home. 

In this months letter you will find:

  1. Age appropriate chores for children

  2. Pumpkin and apple recipes

  3. 10 Family Movies for Fall

  4. South Vienna Halloween parade

Time for Chores!!

Hearing the word “chores” can send kids running, but teaching them responsibility around the home and pride in what they accomplish is so important for their growth and development. Here are some age appropriate chores broken down by grade level.

Kindergartners can... set the table, clear the table, wash down light switches and door knobs, feed pets, match socks, replace toilet paper rolls, pull weeds, help clean out vehicles, make bed and keep room tidy

1st graders can...put away dishes, help pack lunches, collect trash, simple meal prep, wipe down bathroom surfaces, sort and put away laundry and all of the previous chores

2nd graders can...take out trash/recycling, sweep, clean window sills, fold clothes/hang clothes and put them away and all of the previous chores

3rd graders can...vacuum, get the mail, clean microwave, make simple meals, and all of the previous chores

4th graders can…rake leaves,wash windows, wash pots and pans, bring in groceries and help put them away and all of the previous chores. 

5th graders can...start to learn home maintenance (changing light bulbs) , all laundry from start to finish, start to learn to mow the grass, and all of the previous chores.

Children who have chores and accomplish them benefit by learning time management, they grow to be happier adults, they will have better relationships, they tend to be more successful, and they are better at managing money.

Apples and Pumpkins!!

Fall screams for Apple and Pumpkin recipes ! here are two fun ones to try!!

Delicious apple dippers

Cut an apple into 6 slices. In one end of each slice, stick in a small stick (like a lollipop stick). Now here is the fun...dip each slice in melted  and top with any toppings you can dream up! Sprinkles, toffee bits, coconut, peanuts, mini chocolate chips...you name it! These are so much easier to eat than a whole caramel apple ! Enjoy!

Easiest pumpkin muffins

Combine 1 can of pure pumpkin and 1 box of spice cake mix. Mix well, place in muffin tins lined with paper liners and bake at 350 degrees for 20 to 25 min. It really doesn’t get Easier!! 

10 Family Movies for Fall!

There is something so special about gathering up cozy pillows and blankets and hunkering down for a family movie night when the temperatures start to drop! Make several flavors of popcorn and you have a party! Here are ten must see movies with the family!

10.  Annie

9. Mary Poppins

8. Hocus Pocus

7. E.T. - The Extra- Terrestrial

6. Hook

5. Up

4. Maleficent

3. Bedtime Stories

2. The Princess Bride

1.Honey I shrunk the Kids


The South Vienna Halloween parade is October 26. This is a fun afternoon for all!! Just a reminder that no make-up is allowed. Costumes need to be easy to slip on as well as school appropriate. Please contact your child’s teacher to see if you can help in any way!! 

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers” 

  • Anne of Green Gables

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