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SVES Newsletter

The Family Connection

March  2019 South Vienna Elementary

Hello South Vienna families! We are pleased to release the March issue of The Family Connection , South Vienna’s first monthly newsletter with helpful hints, hacks, and tricks for families with elementary age students at home.

In this months letter you will find:

  1. Bringing in Spring around your home

  2. Raising an Encourager

  3. Lucky Charms treats for St. Patrick’s Day

Happy March South Vienna Families! This transition month starts off with winter’s cold chill but also ushers in the first few warmer days of spring and little signs of new life start popping out. Here are some ways to bring a fresh dose of spring into your home!

-Clean! Get the windows ready to be open by cleaning them inside and out on the first warm day. Sweep off porches and scrub the inside. Few things feel better than a freshly cleaned home. Children grow and thrive when their home is well kept. *Keep in mind, you have kids, your home will not be perfect but a good deep cleaning does wonders!

-Start a new rule this month where your children are limited to 30 min of video game time a day. It will be hard at first if you have a hard core gamer but you will be amazed at what a few days in looks like. Encourage outside play if you can or board games where the family interacts! A few favorites are Sorry, Life, Monopoly Deal (faster than regular Monopoly), The great States game , Uno Attack, or any other favorite of yours!

-Search Pinterest for some simple bunny crafts or easy garlands to hang in your windows.

-Your baseball and softball coaches will thank you if you start getting out and practice batting and catching as a family

-Not a baseball family? Start a walking / jogging’s a perfect way to get your exercise in and have fun! The track is usually open at Northeastern as long as they aren’t practicing there and it is also fun to walk at the CJ Brown Reservoir and they have a nice playground too!

Raising an Encouraging Child

We all have those people in our life. You know the ones...the constant encouragers. They help us get back up and keep trying. They remind us of our strengths and cheer us along. They are enthusiastic and it is contagious! We love these people and it is so helpful to surround yourself with them! But let’s face it, not everyone is. People can be negative and sometimes harsh. They can tear you down sometimes without even realizing they are. Which of those people do you want to raise? Which do you want your child to be? Here are some ideas to help foster your child to be an encourager and combat negativity:

  • Repeat to this to your child daily, especially if they have a competitive streak “Her/His win, is not your loss”.  These are powerful words! Remind your child that when something great happens to someone else, be happy for them, not jealous.

  • Tell your child to think of the most enthusiastic person they know, and copy them. Having people in our life who focus on the bright side is so important. Get in the habit of surrounding yourself with those happy hearts so you can turn into one! Enthusiasm breeds enthusiasm!!

  • Be cautious of the “Negative Nelly’s”. Having your child spend too much time with people who are always looking at the worst side of things WILL affect them. We absolutely need to love everyone but just look for signs of how this could impact you and your child.

  • Remind your child that they are enough to change the atmosphere of an entire situation. The power of positivity is catching and is a force to be reckon with and it can start with just one!

  • Tell your child everyday that they are smart, and funny, and kind, and lovely, and talented, and interesting. Constantly encourage their strengths! WHat they hear from you is what they will believe.

Lucky Charms Treats for St. Patrick’s day!

Shopping List

1 bag of popped popcorn (about 4 cups total)

4 cups Lucky Charms cereal

8 oz white candy coating or almond bark

2 cups white chocolate chips

1 cup mint chocolate chips (optional)

2 cups mini marshmallows

Green sprinkles

Lay wax paper down over your kitchen counters to pour your Snack Mix on.

In a large mixing bowl, combine your popcorn and Lucky Charms together.

In a microwavable bowl, melt your candy coating, stirring every 45 seconds.  Once it’s melted, quickly pour it over your popcorn mixture and toss. Working quickly, add in your white chocolate chips, mint chocolate chips, marshmallows and sprinkles and then pour the mixture down over the wax paper to dry (about 10 minutes).  Once it’s dried, store in an airtight container.

So simple and festive!  We love a lot of green around St. Patrick’s Day!

***REMINDER! Spring break is March 25-29***

“Kindness is free, sprinkle that stuff everywhere!!”