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A Message from Dr. Kronour

Collaboration is a key ingredient to success in education. It allows our educators and staff to learn from one another, to share resources and ideas, and to ensure that we are supporting our students throughout their educational experience.

Our educators work together every day to make sure that we are efficiently and effectively meeting the needs of our students. In big ways - like coordinating to ensure students transition through each grade and course successfully - and small ways – like pitching in to provide lunch for a student in need – we recognize the value of teamwork and what it means to our students. Each member of our team plays a vital part in providing a high-quality education to the children of this community, and through collaboration, we are able to help each team member be successful in their role to the benefit of our students.

That teamwork is vital, not only because it improves the quality of education, but because it models an important concept we want our students to learn. We know that collaboration is an important skill employers want graduates to have, and it is a critical part of a comprehensive, 21st Century education. When our teachers and staff successfully model collaboration and teamwork for our students, and facilitate their development of this skill in the classroom, we ensure that Northeastern Local School District graduates are prepared to meet the demands of today’s workforce needs.

But collaboration extends far beyond the walls of a school. Our educators value the role parents, families, and communities play in the educational process. We work closely with parents and families to ensure that students are well supported at school and at home, and that we are meeting the individual needs of each student. We also recognize the value community members can bring to the table when they volunteer in our schools and classrooms to enhance the educational experience. When the people in a child’s life all work together, students benefit tremendously.

As a district with two high schools, our community relies on collaboration tremendously, and we have a legacy of uniting as a team to do what is best for all students. Working together to solve issues facing our district is one of the strengths of this community, and as a district, we strive to reflect that value in our work. We are proud to be part of a community of collaborators, and we are committed to working together to do what is best for the students of our community.

Collaboration is important to us as a district because we recognize the wide variety of talents of our staff, students, parents, and
community, and that we can utilize those talents to benefit our students and our community. Often, we have the same small but
dedicated group of volunteers throughout the year, and we appreciate all they do for our schools. But we know that there are many people in the Northeastern district that have wisdom and skills to share with us and we invite you to join our collaborative team to make things happen this year. Our Booster and PTO organizations at each school are always welcoming new members, and are a great place for any volunteer to start. Your local school building can help connect you with these groups, whether you have a contribution to make, a few hours to volunteer, or an idea to share. Welcome to the team!

John P. Kronour, Ph.D.

About Dr. Kronour

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   Dr. John Kronour joined the Northeastern Local School District Board of Education as Superintendent in August of 2015. Dr. Kronour previously led Tipp City Schools as Superintendent for 8 years. From 1997-2006, he worked at Oakwood City Schools as a Director of Technology and Junior High Principal. Dr. Kronour has also worked at Brookville Local Schools, as a teacher, assistant principal, athletic director and principal.
   Dr. Kronour holds a bachelor’s degree from Wright State University in Social Studies Education, and a Master’s degree in Educational Administration and Doctoral in Educational Leadership from the University of Dayton, where he also completed his postdoctoral studies.