District Improvement + Progress Monitoring

District Mission 

The mission of the Northeastern Local School District is to provide the opportunity for students to succeed by offering a safe and respectful environment, continuous staff development, challenging curriculum, and current technology. Supported by....parents and community.

District Vision

School and community working together for student success.

District Belief Statements

We believe:

  • every, student can learn, achieve, and experience success;
  • students and staff deserve a safe, secure, mutually respectfully environment;
  • parent and community involvement is essential to the success of students;
  • technology can be a useful tool in helping student learn;
  • teachers should be caring, innovative instructors who actively engage all students in effective learning;
  • it’s important to provide everyone with essential skills for life long learning.

District Goals

2022-23 NELSD Goals

Goal 1: Continue to close learning gaps created by the pandemic.

  1. Work with teachers and principals to lessen student learning gaps in English Language Arts and Mathematics

  2. Continue implementation of strategies to close learning gaps.

Goal 2: Transparent reporting of how our ESSER funds have been spent.

  1. Spreadsheet identifying expenditures of ESSER funds

  2. Specific identification of allocations of the expenditures

  3. Specific identification of dollars spent on staffing

Goal 3: Cultivate and strengthen relationships with District stakeholders and staff.

  1. Continue working with our Key Communicators Committee to foster internal and external community advocates.

  2. Redesign and launch a new website, creating a digital front porch that visually conveys the spirit and essence of our NELSD community and enhances our digital communications with our stakeholders.  

  3. Work with the Grade Band Liaison Committees and the District Liaison Committee to identify climate issues.

Goal 4: Meet State test score indicators to strengthen our State Report Card rating.

  1. Analysis of our State test scores by individual teachers

  2. Target resources in the buildings to enhance instruction of the standards we are not meeting

  3. Principals provide guidance for teachers to target improvement of scores

Goal 5: Advise the Community on the progress of building and facilities projects and prepare for transitions to the new Kenton Ridge PK-12 campus.

  1. Share data with stakeholders, and pertinent information about the building project

  2. Work with staff to plan for the transition to the new KR building

  3. Follow procedures and processes with the State on grade level bands and IRN numbering for KR building

District SMART Goals 2021-22

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