District Improvement + Progress Monitoring

District Mission 

The mission of the Northeastern Local School District is to provide the opportunity for students to succeed by offering a safe and respectful environment, continuous staff development, challenging curriculum, and current technology. Supported by....parents and community.

District Vision

School and community working together for student success.

District Belief Statements

We believe:

  • every, student can learn, achieve, and experience success;
  • students and staff deserve a safe, secure, mutually respectfully environment;
  • parent and community involvement is essential to the success of students;
  • technology can be a useful tool in helping student learn;
  • teachers should be caring, innovative instructors who actively engage all students in effective learning;
  • it’s important to provide everyone with essential skills for life long learning.

District Goals

District SMART Goals 2021-22

District Goals 2020-21

District Goals 2019-20 

District Goals 2018-19

District Goals 2017-18 

District Goals 2016 - 2017