Dress Code

Kenton Ridge High School
2016-17 Dress and Appearance
NELSD believes that proper dress and grooming contribute to, and are a part of, the educational process. The building administrator may exclude any student when the apparel is inappropriate. What is or is not appropriate is a decision of school administrators that hopefully reflects community feelings, values and attitudes. With this in mind, the following guidelines are offered:
Students shall wear clothing that is clean, neat, and in good repair.
a. Skirts and shorts must reach the fingertip of the extended arm.
b. Shirts and blouses must have factory-finished sleeves, no spaghetti strap blouses are permitted.
c. Tank tops, halter-tops, tube tops, see through clothing, open weave clothing, half shirts, open midriffs, and muscle shirts are NOT permitted without a shirt covering the shoulders and/or midriff.
d. Pajama pants are not to be worn.
e. Rips, holes and/or frays in jeans/pants exposing skin are not permitted above the reach of the fingertip of the extended arm.
f. Leggings, Yoga Pants, & Tights are NOT permitted UNLESS they are covered with a shirt, which reach the fingertip of the extended arm.
g. Shoes are required at all times in the building.
h. Proper undergarments are to be worn but not seen.
i. Low-cut tops that are too revealing are not permitted.
j. Hats, hoods, bandanas, sweatbands or similar items are not to be worn inside the building during school. Book bags are may not permitted for better flow within hallways and safety precautions.
k. Clothing will be free from inappropriate pictures or inscriptions (ex. confederate flags, alcohol and tobacco advertising, “Hooters” shirts, etc.)
l. Sunglasses during school hours are not permitted unless the wearer has medical authorization.
Failure to follow the dress code may result in a referral to the office to correct the problem. If arrangements for proper dress cannot be made, the student may be placed in In School Suspension (ISS) and will be responsible to make up work missed during their classes. Repeat offenders may be sent home immediately and may receive no credit for that those classes missed.