Employee Health and Wellness


As of Feb. 28, 2021....154 NELSD insurance holders have completed their EPC online wellness program and earned their $100 for this school year...Our NELSD wellness program will get ALL the FUNDS to put into our wellness program from EPC next school year 2021-2022!!!

DON’T MISS OUT ON $100 this school year the EPC Wellness Program launched

September 28, 2020

for Employees enrolled in our district medical plan

FREE Biometrics Screening 
for ALL Employees
MARCH 22 - 26

Wednesday, Oct. 14 @ NEHS (IMC) &
Thursday, Oct. 15 @ KRHS (Staff Lounge)

Discounts on a Gym Membership



202 N Limestone Street

Springfield, Ohio 45502

Located in the News and Sun Building


full year individual membership for $200 to all NELSD employees and/or your spouse!

Please present your staff ID card to get this discount price.

**Before making your decision to join, you can get a FREE 1 day pass to try it out.

FLEX CLASS: This is your catch all class for all ages, genders, and level of ability. FLEX incorporates HIIT, bootcamp, circuit, tabata, and body weight crossfit training. The class uses weights and muscle confusion to keep muscles primed and guessing. All classes have modifications available depending on the individual’s level of ability. 

Instructor and new owner:  Alexis Fourman

Is now included in your Springfield Health and Fitness membership...all classes offered at the gym are included in the $200 cost!!