Facilities Project FAQ


What are we building?
Through a funding partnership with the state, the district will build two new preschool through 12th grade schools in the district, one on northwest side of the community near Kenton Ridge and the other on the southeast portion near South Vienna.

Where would the new campuses be located?
The district is pursuing land acquisition for the project. The campus on the northeast side of the community would be adjacent to the current South Vienna School property, with athletic facilities at the current Northeastern High School Property. The second campus would be constructed adjacent to Kenton Ridge.

When would new schools open?
We anticipate that the new schools could be completed by 2021.

What will happen to the old buildings?
No final plans have been made, however the Board of Education is open to pursuing a number of options including demolition, sale, and repurposing the buildings. 

How much will the project cost?
The local portion of the cost would be $79.3 million. About $61 million would go toward the educational program. About $18 million would help pay for upgrades the state doesn’t cover and land acquisition, called locally-funded initiatives.
The state would contribute about $40 million or 40 percent of the cost of the educational program. The total project cost is about $119 million.
What are LFIs? 
LFIs are locally-funded initiatives, or parts of the plan that aren’t eligible to share costs with the state. That includes land acquisition and upgrades to the facility that the state does not help cover. The NELSD Board of Education planned for LFIs in the facilities plan and funding for LFIs were included in the bond issue approved by voters.

Why would athletic facilities remain on the NEHS property
The proposed site at South Vienna is not large enough to support a new stadium on site. Reuse of the existing stadium at NEHS will also be cost effective for taxpayers.