Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying Resources

Overview of HIB (Harassment, Intimidation, Bullying, and Retaliation) Efforts

It is the policy of the Board of Education to maintain an education and work environment, which is free from all forms of unlawful harassment, intimidation, or bullying. This commitment applies to all School District operations, programs, and activities. All students, administrators, teachers, staff, and all other school personnel share responsibility for avoiding, discouraging, and reporting any form of unlawful harassment. This policy applies to unlawful conduct occurring on school property, or at another location if such conduct occurs during an activity sponsored by the Board.

Anti-Harassment Statement-The Board will vigorously enforce its prohibition against discrimination and harassment based on sex, race, color, national origin, religion, disability, genetic information, or any other unlawful basis, and encourages those within the School District community as well as third parties, who feel aggrieved to seek assistance to rectify the problems. The Board will investigate all allegations of harassment and in those cases where unlawful harassment is substantiated the Board will take immediate steps to end the harassment. Individuals who are found to have engaged in unlawful harassment will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action, which could include suspension, expulsion, or appropriate discipline for district employees which could include termination. 

Anti-Intimidation Statement-Intimidation is to make someone fearful or frighten; to compel or deter by threats causing fear of injury or harm. Such behaviors are prohibited on or immediately adjacent to school grounds, at any school sponsored activity, on school provided transportation, or at any official school bus stop.

Anti-Bullying Statement-  Bullying is sufficiently severe, persistent, or pervasive that it creates an intimidation, threatening, or abusive educational environment.  Bullying is causing mental or physical harm to the other students including placing an individual in reasonable fear of physical harm and/or damaging of students' personal property.  Bullying behavior by any student in the Northeastern Local School District is strictly prohibited, and such conduct may result in disciplinary action, including suspension and/or expulsion from school. "Harassment, intimidation, or bullying," in accordance with R.C. 3313.666 means any intentional written, verbal, graphic or physical act including electronically transmitted acts i.e., internet, cell phone, personal digital assistant (PDA), or wireless hand held device, either overt or covert, by students, including violence within a dating relationship, with intent to harass, intimidate, injure, threaten, ridicule, or humiliate. Such behaviors are prohibited on or immediately adjacent to school grounds, at any school sponsored activity, on school provided transportation, or at any official school bus stop.
Anti-Retaliation Statement-  In some cases perpetrators and their friends/associates make take retaliatory action against students who report incidences of harassment, it is crucial that school institute measures that are reasonably calculated to prevent retaliation against student targets.  Such behaviors are prohibited on or immediately adjacent to school grounds, at any school sponsored activity, on school provided transportation, or at any official school bus stop.

Anti-HIB (Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying) District & Building Contacts

Mrs. Carrie McGuire, Lead Mental Health Therapist
Northeastern Local School District

Mr. Steve Linson, Director of Pupil Personnel
Northeastern Local School District

Mr. Todd Justice, Principal

Northeastern High School
[email protected] 

Mr. Zack Dobbelaere, Principal

Northeastern Middle School

Ms. Lori Swafford, Principal

Northeastern Elementary School

Mr. John Hill, Principal-Mr. Aaron Shaffer, Assistant Principal

Kenton Ridge High School

Mr. Rob Linkhart, Principal

Northridge Middle School

Mr. Rob Shaffer, Principal
Northridge Elementary School

Mr. Drew Snyder, Principal

Rolling Hills Elementary School


Harassment (Title IX) - Bullying - Safety Tip Line (937) 568-7117

If you or someone you know has experienced harassment, intimidation, or bullying at school for any reason, you may make a complaint and to have the incident(s) investigated by the district. To make a complaint, individuals may submit complaints online, call the District's Safety Tip Line, and/or speak to one of the designated building/district contacts.

Any student, parent/guardian, or school employee may complete this form and return it to any school employee. Any school employee who receives a completed complaint form or any other written or verbal complaint will immediately report the complaint to the District’s Anti-Harassment Coordinator and the school official designated to handle harassment complaints. The designated school official will investigate and resolve the complaint under the District’s policies and regulations, and consistent with all applicable federal and state laws.


Semi-Annual Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Report