Student Health

The Northeastern Local School District Health and Information Services Team works to create a healthy and safe learning environment for all students and staff by serving the needs of the school community and promoting lifelong wellness practices.

NELSD Return-to-School Guidelines
Allowing students and staff time to feel better before returning to school is important to limit the spread of infection at school. Please help us provide a healthy and safe learning environment for all students and staff by keeping your child home when they are sick.

Please keep your child home if he or she is experiencing any of the following:

  • Has a temperature of 100.0 or above

  • Seems very tired and needs bed rest 

  • Has vomiting or diarrhea within the last 24 hours

  • Becomes short of breath or is wheezing

  • Has a cough that disrupts normal activity or is uncontrollable 

  • Has distracting pain from earache, headache, sore throat or recent injury

  • Has yellow or green drainage from eye(s)

  • Untreated lice infestation, including nits

  • Breaks out in a rash of unknown origin

If you are unsure when your child should return to school, please contact your healthcare provider or school nurse.

Health Information for Families




Please help the School Nurse care for your child by informing when your child has:

    any chronic or acute illnesses

    a new medication or change in medication dosage

    a life-threatening or new allergy

    a serious injury requiring hospitalization, or a diagnosed head concussion

    an injury requiring casting, sutures, a splint, or mobility assistance of crutches or wheelchair

    vision or hearing difficulties

 The School Nurse will work with the child's parent, physician and other school personnel to meet special health needs in school so the child may benefit from his or her educational program.


Remember to: 

     Update phone numbers on your child’s school record so the nurse can always reach you.

     Share if there is an event at home or in the family that may impact your child at school such as military deployment, birth, or death of a family member or of a beloved pet.

     Report your child’s absence, including symptoms if ill. Upon return, your child will need a written doctor’s or parent note. 

     A child must provide a note from the doctor for activity restriction due to an injury or illness


Remember if your student is ill and comes to school, he or she could also infect others.