John Parrish, Director of Operations
Contact Information:   [email protected]
Andy McClain, Director of Transportation
Contact Information:   [email protected]   (937) 328-6562


The NELSD Transportation Department Staff is dedicated to providing our students, staff and community  
with the safest, most efficient school transportation possible.

The NELSD is committed to providing the most up-to-date school 
bus technology possible for their fleet.
Our school bus drivers undergo stringent Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) criminal background checks as well as satisfactory semi-annual Ohio BMV driving background checks.

All drivers receive training and updates regarding transportation 
rules and regulations as well as other 
related topics on an ongoing basis during the school year. 


NELSD Continues to Update Fleet
The Northeastern Local School District has strengthened their commitment to cleaner air by continuing to replace our aging fleet with new buses featuring "Clean Diesel" technology reducing the amount of air contaminants in the engine exhaust.
The EPA estimates a reduction of 58.8 pounds of fine particulate pollutants (soot), a 897.6 pound reduction of carbon monoxide, and a 288.2 pound reduction of hydrocarbons over the older diesel technology. This will result in a 54% reduction of the pollutants from the older buses.
The district intends to continue it's efforts to purchase additional buses with pollution reducing technology.