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Food Service

Welcome to the Northeastern Local School District’s Food Service Department.  

Our mission is to provide quality, delicious, nutritious, low-cost, customer-friendly meals for the children of our district.  We are a team of 22 proud and dedicated employees.  Last year, we prepared and served the Northeastern children approximately 282,000 lunches and 82,000 breakfasts.  We would love to see these numbers grow and feed many more.Our staff knows there is a strong correlation between good nutrition and learning.  With that in mind, menus have been designed to abide by National School Breakfast and Lunch Program nutritional regulations.  Portion sizes are age-appropriate, and meals fall within federal levels for calories, sodium, saturated fat, and contain no trans-fat.  You may recognize many of the brands we use in our meals each day, such as Kellogg’s, General Mills, Pillsbury, Klosterman Bakery, Reiter Dairy, Land O’Lakes, Tyson Chicken, Jennie O Turkey, Schwan’s, McCain Foods, JTM, and Smucker’s to name a few.  Items on the menu are baked or steamed, not fried, including French fries.  All of the grain items we offer are whole grain-rich.  A variety of fruit is available daily, and over the week, vegetable selections cover five subgroup categories.  Our milk products are 1% low-fat or fat-free.   All the snacks served a la carte meet USDA Smart Snacks in Schools criteria.  Breakfast is available in all buildings daily (unless we have a closing or delay).  Children who eat breakfast benefit from improved cognitive function, memory, test scores, and attendance.  They are less likely to be overweight, too.

Healthy eating helps kids grow, develop, and succeed in school and other activities.  It is also critical in preventing childhood and adolescent health problems such as obesity and diabetes.  Healthy eating can lower the risk of future health problems such as heart disease, strokes, and cancer.   Please partner with us in encouraging healthy eating while your child is at home and/or away from school.  Additionally, our staff has been trained in food safety and sanitation protocols, including procedures for Norovirus and COVID-19.   We take the health and well-being of our customers seriously.

Contact Information

Food Service Department
Northeastern Local Schools
1414 Bowman Road
Springfield, OH 45502

Board Office Phone: (937) 325-7615
Board Office Fax: (937) 328-6592

Teri Parks, SNS
Food Service Coordinator
Ext. 1016

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