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In our ongoing effort to provide every student with the opportunity to succeed, we are pleased to offer a 1:1 technology program for high school and middle school students this year to enhance the outstanding instruction offered in NELSD classrooms each day.


One-to-one (1:1) technology is access for each student to an appropriate technological device in and outside of school. Research shows that 1:1 computing increases student success as the access to technology is an additional resource for our students and teachers. 


Each student will have the opportunity to receive a Chromebook for the school year.  We will begin distributing Chromebooks the first week of school.  Each student must turn in a signed copy of the Chromebook Student Agreement and Internet Acceptable Use Agreement and pay a $50 technology fee by the end of the first grading period to be eligible to receive a Chromebook.  


Students will be allowed to take the Chromebooks home, as they are a valuable tool for teaching and learning. Students are responsible for the device they are issued 24/7.  Chromebooks will be issued with a case and students MUST keep the device in that case.  Please refer to the Chromebook Student Agreement for more information regarding the responsibilities of your 1:1 device.  These devices are school property and are subject to the Internet Acceptable Use Agreement at all times.    


Please read and sign the Chromebook Student Agreement in FinalForms.           


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Technology Department at or your building principal. 


We are proud to offer your student this opportunity this year to enhance their educational experience.