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Bus Pick-up and Drop-off Guidelines


Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s),

The following guidelines are in place in an effort to provide the safest transportation possible for all students. Phone calls from parent(s)/guardian(s) requesting to change the pick-up or drop-off location of their child for a day are especially difficult because the message has to go through the office, to the teacher, to the student, to the bus driver … with no mistakes! Consistency in bus pick-up and drop-off locations is important for student safety.

Guidelines for bus pick-up and drop-off:

  • All bus stops must be arranged on a 9-week basis. The school needs a set schedule that does not change.
  • Major emergency changes can be made if the transportation department and the school office are notified in writing one week in advance of the change.
  • Changes requested by a phone call to the transportation office at 328-6562 or written notes to the school office will be approved only in emergency situations.
  • Latchkey students may not ride the middle/high school buses except in cases of emergency.
  • We must ask parent(s)/guardian(s) to solve temporary scheduling problems by arranging rides or supervision with relatives or neighbors. Once again, the daily requests are very difficult to process … and any error can result in a child arriving somewhere he or she is not expected. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact your principal.

Adopted by the Northeastern Board of Education on March 3, 1993