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Bus Rider Rules


  • Pupils shall arrive at the bus stop 5 minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  •  Pupils must wait in a location clear of traffic and away from where the bus stops. 
  • Behavior at the school bus stop must not threaten life, limb or property of any individual. 
  • Pupils must go directly to an available or assigned seat so the bus may safely resume motion.
  • Pupils must remain seated keeping aisles and exits clear.
  • Pupils must observe classroom conduct and obey the driver promptly and respectfully.
  • Pupils must not use profane language.
  • Pupils must refrain from eating and drinking on the bus except as required for medical reasons.
  • Pupils must not possess or use tobacco on the bus.
  • Pupils must not have alcohol or drugs in their possession on the bus except for prescription medication required for a student.
  • Pupils must not throw or pass objects on, from or into the bus.
  • Pupils may carry on the bus only objects that can be held in their laps.
  • Pupils must leave or board the bus at locations to which they have been assigned unless they have parental and administrative authorization to do otherwise.
  • Pupils must not put heads or arms out of the bus windows.