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NELSD Food Service

Welcome to the Northeastern Local School District’s Food Service Department.  Our mission is to provide quality, delicious and nutritious, low-cost, customer-friendly meals for the K-12 students of our district.  We are a team of 23 proud and dedicated employees who prepare and serve approximately 200,000 lunches and 38,000 breakfasts per year to the Northeastern K-12 students.  We would love to see these numbers grow and feed many more.

Our staff knows there is a strong correlation between good nutrition and learning.  With that in mind, menus have been designed to abide by National School Breakfast and Lunch Program nutritional regulations.  Portion sizes are age-appropriate, and meals fall within federal levels for calories, sodium, saturated fat, and contain no trans-fat.  You may recognize many of the brands we use in our meals each day such as Kellogg’s, General Mills, Pillsbury, Aunt Millie’s, Reiter Dairy, Land O’Lakes, Pilgrim’s Pride Chicken, Lamb Weston, McCain Foods, JTM, and Smucker’s to name a few.  Items on the menu are baked or steamed, not fried, including French fries.  Most of the grain items we offer are whole grain-rich.  A variety of fruit is available daily, and over the week, vegetable selections cover five subgroup categories.  Our milk products are 1% low fat or fat free.   All the snacks served a la carte meet USDA Smart Snacks in Schools criteria.  Breakfast is available in all buildings daily (unless we have a closing or delay). Children who eat breakfast benefit from improved cognitive function, memory, test scores, and attendance.  They are less likely to be overweight, too. 

Healthy eating helps kids grow, develop, and succeed in school and other activities.  It is also critical in preventing childhood and adolescent health problems such as obesity and diabetes.  Healthy eating can lower the risk of future health problems such as heart disease, strokes, and cancer.   Please partner with us in encouraging healthy eating while your child is at home and/or away from school.  Additionally, our staff has been trained in food safety and sanitation protocols including procedures for Norovirus and COVID-19.   We take the health and wellbeing of our customers seriously.

Beginning August 19, 2021, NELSD’s food service staff will accept deposits into student meal accounts.  Due to COVID-19, we encourage families to use the online student meal accounts to limit the handling of cash.  You may deposit money at any time into student meal accounts via the online system EZpay.  You can access the online payment website by going to our district website www.nelsd.org, click on STUDENT RESOURCES,  click on EZpay Options to be transferred over to the payment site.  Complete the registration page, and add your child’s name(s) and ID numbers.  Once you have registered and created a password, you will not need the student ID number again.  Please be sure to allow SPS EZpay into your email, otherwise it will be considered spam, and will go into your junk email.  

Questions may be directed to 1-866-MyEZpay (866-693-9729) or email at [email protected].  Users will be charged a $2.00 internet convenience fee.  Payments made online will be credited by the end of the next business day.  The district will pick up the convenience fee for the months of August and September 2021.

Our lunch charge policy permits students to charge up to three lunches.  Repayment is expected the next day.  No breakfast charging will be permitted.  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Northeastern Local School District has been approved to serve all K-12 students breakfast and lunch free for SY21-22.

Due to time constraints, change will no longer be given at the time of the sale.  It will be added to the student’s account to be used for future purchases.  This will help each student get through the line faster.  Also, students should memorize their personal pin numbers for faster service.  Please plan accordingly when determining if you will send cash, make a deposit, or submit an online transaction for your student.

Should your child’s account get into the negative, our food management system will generate a reminder email to you (if we have your email address on record) asking that you replenish funds.

If you have questions, please call Teri Parks, School Nutrition Specialist (SNS), Food Service Coordinator at 937-325-7615.

Northeastern Local Food Service Department is committed to serving nutritious meals to the students of this district in strict adherence to the regulations set forth by the State of Ohio and the USDA.  The Northeastern Board of Education requires food service to be self-supporting.  Federal regulations require any school participating in the National School Lunch Program to operate as a non-profit organization.  Within these constraints, it is imperative that revenue meets cost.  For this reason, lunch charge activity must be regulated.  In order to encourage greater parent and child responsibility while controlling lunch charge debts, the following shall be implemented.
  • No child may accumulate more than three (3) lunch charges at a time.
  • Lunch will be denied after the third charge.
  • Payment shall be made the next school day after charge was incurred.
  • Grade cards will be withheld until the charges are paid.
  • Charge notices will be sent home with the child and/or by email.

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