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Alumni Feature: Coach Brian Smith

Alumni Feature: Coach Brian Smith
Alumni Feature: Coach Brian Smith
KRHS Varsity Boys Basketball Coach Brian Smith

In this week’s Alumni Feature, we are highlighting Coach Brian Smith! A former graduate of Kenton Ridge Class of '97, who is always ready to lend a helping hand to our community. Smith has been associated with the NELSD family for quite some time now, having attended Rolling Hills Elementary School for elementary school, followed by Northridge Middle School for his secondary schooling. He spent his high school years at our beloved Kenton Ridge High School. During his time at KR, he had some impressive athletic feats. As a member of the basketball team, they managed to win three Central Buckeye Conference (CBC) titles, and as part of the baseball team, they won two. He even coached baseball for our high school. Now, his primary way of giving back to our school is being the head varsity basketball coach. 

Coach Brian Smith with his wife and three children after a basketball game.

While he was dominating sports at Kenton Ridge, he also found love. During his freshman algebra class taught by former KR teacher Fred Martin, he met his wife, Andrea. They have been together since then and, over the course of  22 years, have built a wonderful family with three children. The oldest, Madison, is a KR graduate and currently a junior at Wright State University, where she is a member of the basketball cheer team and the dance team. Smith also has two sons, Braden and Bryce, who are seniors at Kenton Ridge and will graduate later this year. They are year-round athletes who play football, basketball, and baseball. The athletic gene definitely runs through this family. The household has three dogs: Reese and Lainey are Goldendoodles, and Cane is a 5-year-old Sheepadoodle. 

Outside of Kenton Ridge, Smith has some very important roles. He is the President and CEO of NCF Savings Bank. When Smith has some free time, he likes to go on fishing trips to the Boundary Waters in Minnesota or Canada. He also loves going to Colorado and seeing the mountains. He will pretty much do anything that his family is interested in doing. Some fun facts about Smith are that he loves classical country music and attending concerts. He would much rather spend a month in the mountains/wilderness than go to a beach. Lastly, all three of his kids share the same birthday! 

Thank you for the time you have dedicated to KR, Coach Smith! We appreciate you!

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Author: Emilie Antinori (KRHS ‘24), Communications Intern