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Kenton Ridge Girls Bowling: Striking Successes and Record-breaking Achievements!

Kenton Ridge Girls Bowling: Striking Successes and Record-breaking Achievements!
Kenton Ridge Girls Bowling: Striking Successes and Record-breaking Achievements!
2023-24 KRHS Girls Bowling Team

The Kenton Ridge girls bowling team has done great things this past season! They have been striking up a storm on the lanes!  Over the 23/24, the team placed second in the Kenton Trail Conference with 12 wins and four losses. During their amazing season, they won the county and set the new Kenton Ridge record! We interviewed some of the girls to get their input on the great season.

KRHS Bowling Team holding plaque in front of the lanes

The team bowled in the annual county tournament hosted by Springfield High School on January 21, 2024. Last year, the girls team placed second in the tournament by one pin. This year, they sought redemption and reclaimed their position as the top contenders. During a regular Central Buckeye Conference (CBC) bowling match on January 23, 2024, the team set a new record with a score of 2,687, beating the previous record of 2,631. On that same night, Emilie Antinori bowled her series-high score. Antinori bowled 247 and 210, which combined totals to a 457 series. 

At practice on February 2nd, 2024, the girls sat down and discussed their recent accomplishments. One of the bowlers, Addy Keplinger, a sophomore on the varsity team, was asked about her thoughts on placing first in the county tournament this year compared to placing second last year. Keplinger stated, “It felt really good to get some redemption after last year's loss.” When asked how she felt about the new record, she stated, “It felt really good because we were the first team to break it in 10 years.” We also spoke with varsity team member Addi Hibbs to get her thoughts on winning the county. Hibbs stated, “It was very rewarding, and I think it’s great that we gotta win this year because we should have won the tournament last year.” She added, “ It was very rewarding because we all worked very hard to get to where we are now, and it was just nice that we all could come together on the same night and just be on the same page and just do our best. Freshman Addie Duncan expressed, “ It was a nice experience because it’s my freshman year, and it was nice to win. It just proved that we are the best.”

The girls team will compete at Plain City Lanes for the CBC tournament on Friday, February 9, 2024. They will move on to Sectionals and Districts within the next two weeks.

Author: Communications Intern Emilie Antinori (KRHS ‘24)