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Shining Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Becky Chapman

Shining Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Becky Chapman
Shining Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Becky Chapman
Shining Staff Spotlight - Becky Chapman

Mrs. Chapman: The English Enthusiast! By bringing smarts and style to her classroom, this amazing teacher has had a great influence on her students!

Mrs. Becky Chapman has taught at Northeastern for 19 years, but has always had an eye for English. Some of her favorite hobbies include reading and writing! A Class of 2000 graduate from Northeastern, Chapman holds much pride in our district, stating, “I have always said we have the best students! Whenever we have the opportunity to go outside of the classroom, I am continually impressed by their manners and compassion for others. The staff at NE is also some of the most wonderful people you will ever encounter.” Chapman is extremely passionate about her teachings, and the students love her for it! Former student Cali Gilbert, stated, “Mrs. Chapman is always going above and beyond for her students and community. She never turns away a student when they are in need of something, and she is always dedicated to her other duties with the board and the union. She always has a lot going on, but still makes sure to care for her students. Mrs. Chapman has surely made an impact on my life.”

Mrs. Chapman rocking her blue, "Not Today, Grendel" t-shirt.

Outside of the classroom, Chapman also has many pastimes! As previously stated, she loves to read and write, but Chapman also finds joy in golfing, traveling, and crafting. She has an affinity for shopping and fashion, which students can attest to. At many school-wide events, Chapman can be seen sporting a plethora of different fancy hats. She has a fashion sense like no other!  

Style and smarts go hand-in-hand for Mrs. Chapman, who received her BA in English and minor in Education from Wittenberg University. She then pursued her Master’s in English Literature at Wright State University. She has remained local for most of her life, with both of her kids attending Northeastern just like she did! 

Chapman has made a remarkable impact on our community. From her positive attitude to her willingness to dive in and help out. She has been a great influence on students, and makes her classroom environment engaging and enjoyable. The Northeastern Local School District is very thankful to have a teacher like you, Mrs. Chapman!!


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Author: Lilly Sagraves (NEHS '24), Communications Intern