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Shining Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Shawna Hoerner

Shining Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Shawna Hoerner
Shining Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Shawna Hoerner
Shining Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Shawna Hoerner

For the first time this school year, we are highlighting a Kenton Ridge Middle School teacher in our Shining Staff Spotlight!

Mrs. Shawna Hoerner is a Northeastern Local School District graduate; she graduated from Northeastern High School and continued her academic journey at Wright State!  Mrs. Hoerner holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education and a Master of Science degree in Teaching. After completing her education, she began teaching 8th-grade Science at KRMS (previously known as Northridge Middle School) on a full-time basis.

This is Mrs. Hoerner’s 25th year teaching at Northeastern Local School District. With so many years of experience, it’s a given that she has some hilarious stories to share.  When we sat down, she recalled the time the school had a fire drill, and one of the firefighters grabbed her to separate her from her class.  For those of you who aren’t aware, occasionally, during a fire drill, the fire crew will separate a kid from their class to test how long it takes a teacher to notice and find them.  He questioned her by saying, “Where’s your class?  Who’s your teacher?” thinking she was a student.  She said it took quite a bit of time to explain to him that she was not a student and she was, in fact, a teacher.  

Photo of Mr. & Mrs. Hoerner together

Mrs. Hoerner enjoys spending her free time with her husband, Jeff, their dog, Piper, and their cat, Macey.  Mr. Hoerner is also a science teacher, and together, the Hoerners are on a quest to watch the Reds play in 30 different MLB ballparks. So far, they have been to 10!  When Mrs. Hoerner isn’t watching baseball or playing with her pets, she can be found landscaping, gardening, hiking, reading, painting ceramics, or listening to her guilty pleasure… 90s alternative music!
With science being in every aspect of her life, Mrs. Hoerner said she wouldn’t teach at all if she couldn’t teach 8th-grade science!  Instead, she would look into the engineering field.  She told us she had no idea how many opportunities were available within the engineering career profession.

Mrs. Hoerner is highly adored by all students, both current and past.  The feeling is clearly mutual. When we asked her what her favorite part of teaching at NELSD is, she said, “I truly enjoy seeing my former students as they grow as students, athletes, and people.  I love that they still remember me and take the time to say ‘hi’ to me when I see them in public, sometimes long after they have graduated.  Now that we are all in the same building, it is much easier to see that transformation.”  

Thank you, Mrs. Hoerner, for all you do within KRMS!

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Author: Teagan Coffman (KRHS ‘24), Communications Intern