Rolling Hills Preschool

Preschool Teachers
Stephanie Sturgeon and Tara Slagle 
Stephanie Sturgeon - Teacher
Tara Slagle - Preschool Aide 

Lindsay Brumfield, Speech Therapist
Rita Fincham, Occupational Therapist
Lori Phillips, Physical Therapist

Who comes to preschool at Rolling Hills?
There are two categories of children who attend our preschool:

Special needs children - children (3-5 years of age) are identified with delays in one or more area of development. Screenings and testing are done throughout the school year. Call Mrs. Sturgeon (399-2250) for information on screenings.

Typically developing children - children 4-5 years old in their year before kindergarten are accepted into our class. There is a waiting list for these children. Presently only 8 children per session are taken from our waiting lists.

Our preschool is a Monday through Thursday, 4 day a week program, with 16
children enrolled in each session.
AM session: 7:45 to 10:20
PM session: 11:20 to 2:10

Contact information:
Rolling Hills phone number: 937-399-2250

Additional information about the Northeastern Local Preschool Programs is available on the district website:


Preschool Philosophy

We believe that all children can learn and that children learn best through play, structured activities, and strong peer and adult interactions. We base our activities on the Early Childhood Standards as developed by the State of Ohio. We incorporate these indicators into weekly units appropriate for and important to preschoolers, such as farms, zoo animals, magnets, and Spring. We focus on helping each child develop in the following areas: motor skills, emotional and social skills, life skills, pre-academic skills, and language skills.