RHES Pennies for Patients campaign totals

The 2019 Pennies for Patients campaign was a HUGE success. RHES set a goal of raising $1800 during this year's campaign, and we reached that goal and went over! 
RHES donation total was $2128.19
                                                                 Running total 
Dollar Coins:                 $7.00                      $7.00
 Half dollar:                   $0.50                      $7.50
Quarters:                      $758.00                  $765.50
Dimes:                          $590.90                 $1,365.40
Nickels:                         $178.30                $1,534.70
Pennies:                        $256.49                $1,791.19
Cash:                             $287.00                $2,078.19
*Party returned:          $50.00                  $2,128.19   
        *P4P gives $50 to the winning classroom for a room party, which RHES donated back to P4P
Thank you so much for your donations to this year's campaign. We are very proud to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's fight to cure blood cancers!
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