Internet Safety Information (MOMO Challenge)

Dear parents/guardians:


Recently, news organizations have reported on a “Momo challenge,” that is targeting young children and young adults on social media and encouraging them to participate in dangerous activities. While some news reports indicate that there is limited evidence about the Momo challenge and it may be a hoax, this is a good opportunity for schools and parents to talk to students about Internet safety. 

At our school buildings, we utilize filters to ensure safe internet usage for our students. Not only do these filters block some websites entirely, it also uses keywords to filter out content that may not be suitable for students. Issues that come up are handled by our teachers, administrators, and counselors, who may be assisted by law enforcement officers if necessary. As a parent, you will be notified about anything that comes to our attention with your child and we will work together to address any concerns.

We are encouraging our staff to have conversations with students about safe Internet usage and hope you’ll take this opportunity to have age-appropriate conversations with your student about safe social media and Internet usage as well. Please encourage your student to let an adult  know if they see content on social media or the Internet that frightens or worries them. 

Here are a few guidelines to help parents navigate Internet safety for their children:

  • Keep lines of communication open with your child

  • Supervise Internet usage by keeping computers and other devices in high-traffic areas in your home

  • Create a list of rules for Internet usage in your family

  • Check browsing history to see what sites have been visited and monitor usage on cell phones, gaming devices and tablets

  • Teach children not to interact online with people they don’t know offline

  • Set parental controls at age appropriate levels and use filtering in addition to parental supervision

As parents, you are our number one partner in keeping our students and schools safe. We are grateful for your support and help in addressing issues like this and will continue to keep you updated about important matters related to our schools.


Thank you,

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