Shining Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Nancy Wyen & Mrs. Misty Chrisman

Shining Staff Spotlight - Mrs. Nancy Wyen & Mrs. Misty Chrisman
Today's #ShiningStaffSpotlight – Is another dual feature! Mrs. Nancy Wyen and Mrs. Misty Chrisman, Elementary Teachers for NELSD. 
Mrs. Nancy Wyen is a 1986 graduate of Kenton Ridge High School and is in her 29th year with the district! She has spent all but one year in the district as a second grade teacher at Northridge Elementary. 
Mrs. Wyen also attended the Westside School, New Moorefield School, and Northridge Elementary and Middle Schools.
When she’s not in the second grade classroom teaching her students, she enjoys swimming, reading, hiking, cooking and baking for friends and family, and watching the Cleveland Browns! 
Mrs. Wyen has an associate's degree in early childhood education from Clark State College, a bachelor of arts degree in Elementary Education, and a master’s degree in classroom teaching, both from Urbana University.
When asked what she loves most about working at NELSD, Mrs. Wyen said, “Northridge School feels like home to me.  Our school motto is "Family takes care of Family," and those are words we live by.  We are family to our students, and we are family to each other.  We celebrate each other's successes and support each other during difficult times. The people I work with are some of my closest and dearest friends.  I get to spend my days educating young children, which is all I've ever wanted to do.   How lucky am I that this is my job?”
Mrs. Misty Chrisman is also a graduate of Kenton Ridge High School and is in her 23rd year with the district! She is a fourth grade teacher at Northridge Elementary.
Mrs. Chrisman also attended The Westside School, New Moorefield School, Rolling Hills Elementary School, and Northridge Middle School.
Mrs. Chrisman’s husband, Bill, works for the United States Postal Service, where he gets to deliver the mail to Northridge Elementary School each day and to a lot of our Northridge students and their family's homes.   Mrs. Chrisman and Mr. Chrisman have a blended family with six children.  Mr. Chrisman had two children that joined Mrs. Chrisman’s three children when they got married, and together, they have a daughter who will be four years old soon! Mrs. Chrisman notes that they are a lot of fun and unique since their oldest son is finishing his first year at Bluffton University, and their youngest is not in elementary school yet. She said life is full of surprises, and they are so grateful for that.  It is almost guaranteed that life is never dull in the "Chrisman Household!"   
When she’s not in the classroom, Mrs. Chrisman can be found spending time outdoors! She enjoys watching her kids play sports. So don’t be surprised if you see her at a Bluffton Track Meet cheering on her oldest son from the stands! Look out Kenton Ridge football because Mrs. Chrisman’s son AJ is heading your way!  The Chrisman Household also has fun watching the Dayton Dragons and Cincinnati Reds baseball games, spending time playing outside with their kids, or vacationing on a beach!    
Mrs. Chrisman has a bachelor's degree in Education/Social Studies from Urbana University.
When asked what she loves most about working at NELSD, Mrs. Chrisman said, “After I have students in the 4th grade...I love, love, love staying connected with my students as they grow up!  I love watching them at church, play sports, graduate, go to college, get married, have their own children, and now I am teaching their children.  I am still able to stay in contact with a lot of them, and it is so very special to me.”
Thank you, Mrs. Chrisman and Mrs. Wyen, for your commitment to the students and staff of NELSD.
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