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Funeral Procession on 11.19.21 Around Dismissal Time

Dear South Vienna Elementary Families,

We wanted to make you aware that afternoon pickup on Friday, Nov. 19th, could be impacted by the closure of West Main Street at Richie Drive due to a funeral procession to honor former South Vienna Police Chief Pat Sullivan.

We have been informed that the funeral procession will proceed east on Main Street, passing by our school and heading to the United Church of South Vienna. 

If you plan on a shelter house pickup tomorrow afternoon, please enter from the main traffic light and proceed west down the main street.  Please be aware that you will only be able to make a right turn into the shelter house pickup lane. 

There will not be any parking available on Main Street for our parents who pick up their children using the crosswalk during the procession.

We appreciate your patience as possible delays may occur. 

Thank you,

Denise Jones


South Vienna Elementary School