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Safety Tipline

If you have any questions before submitting your complaint, please contact:

District Anti-(HIB) Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying Coordinators:  

Mrs. Carrie McGuire and 
Mr. Steve Linson

Northeastern Middle/High School HIB Coordinators:                            

Mr. Todd Justice/937-328-6575;

Mr. Zack Dobbelaere/937-328-6575

Northeastern Elementary HIB Coordinator: 

Ms. Lori Swafford/937-399-2250;

Kenton Ridge Middle/High School HIB Coordinators: 

Mr. John Hill/937-390-1274;
Mr. Aaron Shaffer/937-390-1274 
Mr. Rob Linkhart/937-399-2852;

Kenton Ridge Elementary School HIB Coordinators: 

Mr. Rob Shaffer/937-342-4627;
Mr. Drew Snyder/937-399-2250;